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Las Vegas Ral Bikes


Our Las Vegas rail tours feature the RAIL RACER rail bike. The RAIL RACER is a light weight aluminum rail bike built for comfort and ease of use. The seats are super comfortable and allow air to pass through. The light weight frame makes pedaling very easy, even uphill. Speeds of 20mph downhill are easily attainable on the Las Vegas track. The wheels are made of an aluminum hub with a special hardened poly flange. In addition, the RAIL RACER is equipped with a battery operated motor that assists in pedaling uphill at speeds up to 20mph. The point is you want to enjoy your rail bike experience, not go through a cardio workout. The RAIL RACER bikes are fun, simple, comfortable, and fast.

las vegas rail bike front view
las vegas rail bike diaginal view
las vegas rail bike side view
las vegas rail bike rear view