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Las Vegas Ral Bikes


disabled rail bike riders

Having a physical or mental disability does not mean you cannot enjoy riding the Las Vegas rail bikes! We invite all disabled people to come ride the Las Vegas rail bike excursions.

Blind persons may bring their guides with them. Deaf persons may bring their sign language interpreters with them. If such persons do not have guides/interpreters we will provide them free of charge.

Physically handicapped people who do not have use of arms or legs may ride the rail bikes. Pedaling the rail bike is not required, so such persons may simply sit back and enjoy the ride. Our staff will assist handicapped persons getting on and off the rail bikes.

The Nevada State Railroad Museum outdoor areas, buildings, and restrooms are ADA compliant.

Service Dogs may ride the rail bikes. It is the responsibility of the dog’s owner to keep the dog safely on the rail bike.

Mentally disabled persons may ride the rail bikes but must bring their aides with them.